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Worldwide Governance Indicators: Rule of Law Scores for 2007
The red line measures deviations from predicted values, which are represented by the blue line. Ignore the gap between the red and blue lines and concentrate on how closely the red line centers toward 0. The closer to 0, the less the deviation of a country's observed score on Rule of Law from its predicted score.
With the exception of Malta, Portugal, and Spain, all countries in Southern Europe deviated below their predicted Rule of Law scores.
The scores for Kosovo are partially obscured. Kosovo's predicted score was -0.45. It deviated -0.39 below that for an observed score of -0.84.

The PDF country pages display the observed Rule of Law Scores, predicted scores, and residuals (deviations from the predictions). Each page reports country size, wealth, and party data. Download a 212 page PDF that serves for all countries.