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Lori Thorlakson,, "Measuring vertical integration in parties with multi-level systems data," Party Politics, 19 (September 2013), 713-734. [Available at ]

First paragraph:
The way in which political parties organize is central to understanding their flexibility, strength, responsiveness and strategies of competition. In a multi-level setting, party organization encompasses the way in which political parties maintain integrated organizations across levels of government. This includes the way state and federal organizations are structurally integrated, the extent to which resources and services are shared through these linkages and the extent to which the levels of the party are considered to be the same party with shared goals and interests.

Figures and Tables:
Table 1. Resources and services provided by the federal party organization to the state party organization.
Table 3. Mean integration and autonomy scores, by country
Table 2. Resources and services provided by the state party organization to the federal party organization.
Table 4. Mean integration and autonomy scores and rankings, by party family
Figure 1. mean upward and downward verrtical integration scores, by country.
Figure 2. mean upward and downward vertical integration by party family.
Table 5. Bivariate correlations between forms of vertical integration and autonomy.
Appendix: Rotated component matrix: Components of level-two vertical integration

Last Paragraph:
The multidimensionality of vertical integration should prompt some theoretical refinement in research on multi-level parties. Vertical integration has different forms, these forms have different consequences, and they appear in different contexts. With new data, explanations regarding the causes and consequences of vertical integration can and should be specified for different forms of integration. How do we explain choices to remain structurally integrated or to provide resources and services? Under what institutional or societal conditions do shared goals emerge in the multi-level party? Secondly, the research agenda can and should now address the consequences of various forms of vertical integration, including party electoral performance.

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