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Contents of Volume 17 Issue 1 January 2011

Ignacio Lago and Ferran Martinez,
"Why new parties?," 3-20.
Paul F. Whiteley, "
Is the party over? The decline of party activism and membership across the democratic world," 21-44.
Peter John Loewen and Daniel Rubenson,
"For want of a nail: Negative persuasion in a party leadership race," 45-65.
Miki Caul Kittilson,
"Women, parties and platforms in post-industrial democracies," 66-92.
Bernard Grofman and Peter Selb,
"Turnout and the (effective) number of parties at the national and district levels: A puzzle-solving approach," 93-117.
Mette Anthonsen, Johannes Lindvall, and Ulrich Schmidt-Hansen,
"Social democrats, unions and corporatism: Denmark and Sweden compared," 118-134.

Book Reviews
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Party Politics, 17 (January, 2011), 135-137 (Reviewed by Robert Ladrech)
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Jennifer Lees-Marshment, Political Marketing and British Political Parties.
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James Newell, The Italian General Election of 2006: Romano Prodi's Victory.
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