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Claes H. de Vreese, "Parties, Media and Voters: Challenges of Direct Democracy: An Introduction," Party Politics, 12 (September, 2006), .579-580.

First Paragraph:
Political parties are key actors in representative democracies. However, direct-democratic processes pose challenges for political parties, and referendums and citizen initiatives are increasingly being used to legitimize and pass new legislation or prevent proposed legislation from being implemented. This special issue of Party Politics is about parties and direct democracy in an international and comparative perspective. The articles focus on key actors in a referendum (the political elites/parties, the media and citizens) and in particular the challenges facing political parties in direct-democracy processes.

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Most of the individual articles included in this special issue were presented and discussed at a conference in Copenhagen in June 2005. The seminar was generously sponsored by the Holberg Foundation. I take this opportunity to thank not only the sponsors, but also the participants at the conference, the contributors to this special issue, the reviewers and the Editors of Party Politics.

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