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Contents of Volume 11 Issue 3, May 2005

Rein Taagepera,
"Conservation of Balance in the Size of Parties," 283-298.
Paul Chaisty,
"Party cohesion and Policy-Making in Russia," 299-318.
Jocelyn A. J. Evans and Jonathan Tonge,
"Problems of Modernizing an Ethno-Religious Party: The Case of the Ulster Unionist Party in Northern Ireland," 319-338.
Kim Eric Bettcher,
"Factions of Interest in Japan and Italy: The Organizational and Motivational Dimensions of Factionalism," 339-358.
Karina Pedersen and Jo Saglie,
"New Technology in Ageing Parties: Internet Use in Danish and Norwegian Parties," 359-377.

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Democratic Challenges, Democratic Choices: The Erosion of Political Support in Advanced Industrial Democracies. Russell J. Dalton
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