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Contents of Volume 9 Issue 6, November 2003

Rein Taagepera and Bernard Grofman,
"Mapping the Indices of Seats-Votes Disproportionality and Inter-Election Volatility," 659-677.
Campbell Sharman,
"Uncontested Seats and the Evolution of Party Competition: The Australian Case," 679-702.
Oleh Protsyk and Andrew Wilson,
"Centre Politics in Russia and Ukraine: Patronage, Power and Virtuality," 703-727.
Robin Kolodny and David A. Dulio,
"Political Party Adaptation in US Congressional Campaigns: Why Political Parties Use Coordinated Expenditures to Hire Political Consultants," 729-746.

Book reviews
Campaign Talk: Why Elections are Good for Us, Roderick P. Hart.
Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2000.
Party Politics, 9 (November 2003), pp. 747-748. (Reviewed by Martin Johnson)
The Fall and Rise of the PDS in Eastern Germany, Dan Hough.
Edgbaston, Birmingham: Birmingham University Press, 2002.
Party Politics, 9 (November 2003), pp. 749-750. (Reviewed by Charles Lees)
British Elections and Parties Review: Volume 12: The 2001 General Election, Lynn Bennie, Cohn RaIlings, Jonathan Tonge and Paul Webb (eds)
London: Frank Cass, 2002.
Party Politics, 9 (November 2003), pp. 750-752. (Reviewed by Donley T Studlar)
Political Communications: The General Election Campaign of 2001, John Bartle, Roger Mortimore and Simon Atkinson (eds).
London: Frank Cass, 2002.
Party Politics, 9 (November 2003), pp. 752-754. (Reviewed by Jennifer Lees-Marshment)
Les fédérations européens de partis: Organisation et influence, Pascal Deiwit, Erol Kulahci and Cedric Van de Walle (eds).
Brussels: Edition de l'Université de Bruxelles, 2001.
Party Politics, 9 (November 2003), pp. 754-756. (Reviewed by Giacomo Benedetto)

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