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Contents of Volume 2 Issue 3, July 1996

Andreas Schedler,
"Anti-Political-Establishment Parties," 291-312.
Jeffrey M. Stonecash and Sara E. Keith,
"Maintaining a Political Party: Providing and Withdrawing Party Campaign Funds," 313-328.
Jonathan Mendilow,
"Public Party Funding and the Schemes of Mice and Men," 329-353.
Doug Perkins,
"Structure and Choice: The Role of Organizations, Patronage and the Media in Party Formation," 355-375.
Zsolt Enyedi,
"Organizing a Subcultural Party in Eastern Europe," 377-396.
James N. Druckman,
"Party Factionalism and Cabinet Durability," 397-407.
David Denemark,
"Thinking Ahead to Mixed-Member Proportional Representation: Party Strategies and Election Campaigning under New Zealand's New Electoral Law," 409-420.

Book Reviews
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Shea, David M. and Green, John C. (eds). The State of the Parties:
The Changing Role of Contemporary American Parties. Lanham, MD: Rowan & Littlefield, 1994
Party Politics, 2 (July, 1996), 424-426 (Reviewed by Susan E. Scarrow)
Lentini, Peter (ed). Elections and Political Order in Russia:
The Implications of the 1993 Elections to the Federal Assembly. London, New York: Central European University Press, 1995
Party Politics, 2 (July, 1996), 426-428 (Reviewed by Michael Hughes)
Coppedge, M. Strong Parties and Lame Ducks: Presidential Patryarchy and Factionalism in Venezuela
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Party Politics, 2 (July, 1996), 430-431 (Reviewed by Paul Webb)

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